7 comments on “Maine Huts & Trails, 2/25-27/13

  1. Whoa, this looks like an awesome trip. Glad you got to do it a little before your birthday!

  2. You run into Bear up there ? I REALLY wanted to take a fatbike winter trip up to the end and back, staying in the huts at night, but this freakin’ hernia botched that deal. It’s 2 weeks since the surgery, so I walked 5.6 today to celebrate the anniversary.

    • I did see Bear! I’d forgotten what a great guy he is, too. Bummer about not getting up there this winter, but at least it sounds like you’re healing up well. I think you’ll rock the CDT just fine.

    • Heck yeah, John. My parents are pretty awesome, and very few days go by without me knowing just how lucky I am to have them.

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