4 comments on “The Rest of the Appalachian Trail for Guthook’s Guides

  1. I’m looking for the New Hampshire thru Maine section of the AT. I’ll be continuing my hike, hoping to complete it this year. I’ll be leaving Oregon next week (@ 24 July) and should be hitting Pinkham Notch about a week later. Any chance you will have the northern end available by then?

    • Hey Joe! I just returned from the last mapping trip in Maine, so I should have Maine finished in a week or so. New Hampshire is still a little way out, though. I should have NH finished by August 7 or 8, which is probably not early enough for your trip. I’ll try to speed through the Maine data so I can have it ready ASAP. Thanks for asking!

      • Thanks for the reply. Please let me know when it’s available for download, and I’ll add it to my phone. Awesome!

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