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  1. As usual I like your style. I travel the same way and have the same trouble tamping it down.

    • Heh. The difficulty is being able to tamp it down just enough to keep the feet and legs from getting wrecked. I’ll have black flies and mosquitoes helping keep my pace up next month. Then there’s the fine scenery to help slow me down 🙂

    • Considering how well you owned the Long Trail last year, I bet you’d leave me in the dust on a similar hike like this!

  2. What is the “structure” on the summit in the photo labeled,

    “Avery Peak on Bigelow Mountain, one of the hardest climbs I can remember.” ??

    It looks like a porta-potty — which would be fantastic, though unlikely.

    • Haha, no portapotty there. It’s the old fire watch tower on Avery Peak of Bigelow Mountain. The picture is five years old, and most of the structure has now been removed. It was closed off for many years, but hikers kept breaking into it to camp on the summit, so it’s now just the stone foundation.

    • The bugs and stream crossings are exactly as you would expect– nasty! Why now? I’m already asking myself that question after being beaten up by the trail in the past few days. I want to map ME and NH as early as I can so I can add them to the AT Hiker app before most people are out there.

  3. I don’t think I used yours, but those AT apps are a very helpful resource in addition to the trail guides currently in print. I didn’t have the battery life to be able to solely be able to rely on the app that I used, and sections were missing. So thank you for doing this! It sounds like the results will be awesome. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to understand being able to average such high milage and not take many zeros. I did a 379 day hike of the AT and lost track of how many zeros. It was a blast. My legs just won’t average more than 1.5 miles/hr and I like taking my time in camp so I don’t know that I’ll ever see the day when it will take me less than a month to finish 200 miles. Kudos to you and your kind, even though I think you’re pretty crazy. Somebody’s gotta be.

    • I definitely take that ‘crazy’ as a compliment 🙂

      Regardless of battery life, no one should really rely on electronics solely for their navigation, but as a supplement to guidebooks, as you say, they’re pretty handy. Glad you like them! And keep hiking the good hike… Your style is definitely different than mine, but it sounds like a great time anyway.

  4. The NJ/NY section is my home turf, but I’m taking off to attempt the NY/CT/MA Bear Mountain Bridge to Bennington VA section hike on July 6th. Have you updated your app yet for these sections?

    I ask because I haven’t bought a new smartphone yet, I’m trying to make decisions about whether to buy an iPhone or Android or least likely a (wifi hotspot+tablet+cellphone).

    Found you from Phil @ Section Hiker



    • Hey Ramkey. Thanks for checking out the blog and apps. The AT app goes all the way to Hanover NH right now. I’m actually working on mapping NH and ME now, and should be done with those states soon (although the weather is slowing progress).

      As for Android, we’re getting some of the AT sections finished for Android this month, and should have all of them ready by the end of the summer.

      Happy trails!

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