5 comments on “The Worms In The Outhouse Go Round and Round

  1. My grandmother’s farmhouse had no indoor plumbing, only a trad outhouse. Likewise my nearby summer camp. Both outhouses were NOT pleasant, especially for a city kid. But they were tolerable. One was high-use – camp – the other low-volume. Both used a white powder always referred to as “lime”. I think that this was a calcium product that probably changed the ph of the poop and the pee, not necessarily quick-lime.

    • Hah, nice. The lime thing… I’ve heard of that sort of thing before, but I haven’t looked into the purpose or effect. You’re probably right about the Ph thing.

      A lot of the shelters on the Long Trail and Appalachian Trail get hundreds and hundreds of visitors per month in the summer, so you’re talking about a lot of poo. Imagine how nasty that gets in the pit outhouses… yuck!

    • That’s a good question. I don’t have a definitive answer (I could ask around with some of my old coworkers, for sure), but I get the impression they can move the privy every few years and everything is fine. But rather than moving the entire privy, like they have to do with pit privies, moldering privies have that double-wide base, so all they have to do is move the outhouse part to the other side of the platform. No digging involved, and only a move of five or six feet.

  2. What ever way you look at this looking after these things is a shit job

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