4 comments on “App Mapping in Maine, part 2

  1. Hi Ryan,

    Such an enjoyable read! And you talk about David (at the Pine Ellis) knowing his stuff, you certainly know your stuff, as well! You have a knack/gift for being able to condense mega-miles of hiking into a brief, but ever so interesting narrative.

    Oh! And that 3-mile trek above tree line in the Saddleback area does indeed sound like a sublime experience!


    • Hey John,

      Have you been to Saddleback? I bet you’d like it there 🙂 Abraham, too. They’re a bit of a long drive for you, but I can imagine you’d find some really exciting routes and views. Happy trails!

  2. Hard to imagine Saddleback not becoming your favorite peak when you hit it on a day like this! We fell in love with it last winter and I’ve been dying to get back ever since. Hopefully in the fall. This whole area is just so incredibly gorgeous (which you certainly proved here). Good luck with the rest of your plans this summer.


    • I can imagine Saddleback in winter must be magical. Same with fall, too. I’m really looking forward to some hiking in that area through leaf season and snow season this year. Let me know when you’re up that way again 🙂

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