5 comments on “App Mapping in Maine

  1. Exceptionally well-done report! And it’s made even more special by providing photos and info from locations that are outside the realm of ‘run of the mill’ hiking reports.

    My knowledge of mountains in that part of Maine is sorely lacking. Regarding the last photo in your report, was it taken from a location near East Nubble?


    • Hey John! Thanks again. The last photo is from an outcrop on the eastern end of Little Bigelow Mountain, looking over to the two main peaks of Bigelow Mountain. It was pretty hazy, but the minor peak had a view of 8 of Maine’s 4000 footers, which is pretty neat (two peaks of Bigelow, two of Crocker, Sugarloaf, Abraham, Spaulding, and Redington). Very nice place!

  2. Great post and an impressive accomplishment. No way I’d go up in that area right now due to all the chomping and drilling insects , scary fords, and heat, but Gutgook takes it all in stride. Thanks!

  3. Another near miss! We did the Bigelows on 6/14. Stayed at Sue’s on Friday night and at Horns Pond on Saturday. It is indeed a beautiful spot and you really need to get back there for a night sometime. Another great set of pics and accounts in this post Ryan. You’ve definitely been getting the best Maine in this run. Hope we run into you out there somewhere this summer.


    • Awesome! I have definitely been lucky with the hiking this summer (so far… Although I just got rained out of this last hike). I’ll certainly be trying to stay on the trail a lot this summer. Maybe I will see you out there…

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