3 comments on “Mahoosuc App Mapping

  1. Ryan, as always, I thoroughly enjoyed your report. What a terrific 2-day adventure in the Mahoosucs!

    And yes, it was indeed quite a pleasant coincidence that we should happen to meet at a ledge on Cascade Mountain, of all places!

    It’s weird that you should make mention of the abundance of cars at the popular trailheads, as contrasted to the scarcity of hikers as you travelled along the Mahoosuc Trail. That very same thought ran through my mind as I was hiking there on that same day as you. And just as you state, I totally agree that “This is one reason I love this mountain range”.


  2. Awesome! Beautiful pictures and great account of the hike. So cool that you happened to bump into John out there. By coincidence I was reading his post on that hike just before I got to yours. We’re doing this hike (mountain and weather gods willing) next weekend, but taking 4 days. After seeing this post I’m even more psyched!

    • Hey Mark. You will absolutely love this section of trail. It’s impossible not to 🙂

      Looking at the long term weather, with this crazy rain we’ve been having, it looks like Independence Day weekend is the best option for weekends. I hope that’s the one you’ll be out on! Enjoy!

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