5 comments on “A Quick 100 Miles, part 1

  1. Ryan, I find all of your Blog reports to be extremely enjoyable and interesting. However, this one is particularly splendid, and it ranks high on my list of “all time favorites”. It’s the next best thing to actually being “there”!

    Oh! And like you, I also love those place names in northern Maine!


    • I just wish I had half the photographic ability that you have, John! 🙂 Seriously, your pictures from the Northeast Kingdom a few weeks ago are beyond compare.

      But I’m glad you like the report. Despite how much more time I spend in western Maine and the White Mountains, I’ve decided that northern Maine really is where I feel the most like I’m escaping from the modern world. I felt that a little less on this trip, with the trashed campsites and lots of people, but there was still something perfect about the area. I imagine I will be back many, many times.

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