9 comments on “Fifth Time A Charm on Puzzle Mountain

  1. glad you liked my grandpa’s trail! my grandpa was the rep. from the timber company and facilitated the deal to his now close friend bob stewart. Who is the current very gracious owner of puzzle mt, he set up the land easement of puzzle for the mahoosuc land trust. my grandpa was a surveyor as well and had hiked all of puzzle and helped map it out, pre-trails, he just turned 80 and wants a crack at his namesake trail. I too love relaxed hikes as much as death march’s.. I did a relaxing hike with my almost 3 yr old daughter today. Just 5 miles round way on the wild river trail, great foliage colors, 60, full sun, great air quality, great company, pure bliss!

    • Aaaah, I just noticed earlier tonight that the trail has the same name as you. Glad you cleared that up for me!

      Sounds like a good time in the Whites today. I’m looking forward to getting out on the trails a lot more this leaf-season than usual. It’s going to be great!

    • In the mid 70′ s was involved in building a large camp/House at end of Skyline Drive which was a logging road off Puzzle Mountain. I was told by an old game Warden that he had seen an inscription carved into upper ledge of Puzzle Mtn “1690”. He could never find it again. Interesting to speculate about perhaps an English scouting party being there.

    • Thanks! I can’t wait to get back out there one of these days. Hopefully a full Grafton Loop Trail hike…

    • Hmm… It must have been a little wild then. Judging by the ground cover of what I walked the other day, it looked like it hadn’t been cut and cleared more than a year or so ago. Could have been two, I guess. But definitely a good place!

  2. Love your statement: “Sometimes I enjoy hiking because I can wear myself out physically and feel wrecked at the end of the day, and sometimes I enjoy it for the pure relaxation.”

    More and more I find myself hiking “for the pure relaxation”. There can be such pleasure to the bodily senses with seemingly little things like listening to rustling leaves, watching the clouds change shape, savoring the fragrances of the forest, enjoying the flavor of your packed lunch which somehow always tastes better when eaten outdoors! 🙂


    • I was thinking of the difference between our hikes on Tumbledown when writing that statement. I’d say that highlights the two contrasting styles pretty well– I beat the heck out of myself that day, but on Puzzle it was a nice, mellow hike. I’m probably going to do another pain-inducing hike tomorrow, but hoping for some more relaxing ones during the rest of the month. Of course, the more time spent indoors, the more I find I need that relaxation from sitting on the mountain top. I think you know what I mean!

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