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  1. Love your report, and your photos are stunning!

    We almost had yet another unexpected meeting on the trail, which would’ve made the second time this year! Anyway, I hiked in the Tumbledowns today (19-Sep). Only had time for a short loop. Went up Brook Trail to Tumbledown Pond, then hiked the Tumbledown Ridge Trail to West Peak, then took the unofficial trail over to North Peak. Went just a short distance up the Pond Link Trail to the first ledges to get more views, then retraced the Brook Trail back to my car.

    This was my first time hiking in this area. Chances are good that it won’t be my last! WOW! What an incredibly spectacular place on the planet!


    • Whoah! That would have been amazing to have had another random meeting on the trail. Either way, you had a fine day to be out there. Isn’t that place just amazing? I can’t get over how gorgeous that ridge is…

      I’ll be in the Wild River Wilderness with Philip Werner this weekend. Maybe I’ll see you out there, John 😉
      Happy Trails!

  2. Hi Ryan, great clear day! I was just over at Section Hiker reading Phillips Wild River Wilderness post. What size is the tarp you used on that hike?

    • Hey Bruce. The tarp I use is 2.1×2.9 meters, so comparable in size to a Mountain Laurel Designs Grace Solo, or a Gossamer Gear Twin. It’s served me well for 8 years now, although the other night I realized I needed to tighten the lines down after the rain really got going. Good times 🙂

  3. I just read your Tumbledown Loop trail post on sectionhiker and skedaddled over here to see your blog. I hiked the Loop Trail a few years back with a pack of kids (ages 10-13), and they fondly recall it as “the Death Hike.” My son is hoping to give it another go this summer, but after reading your post, I think we might try the Little Jackson Loop this year. Tumbledown is definitely one of my favorite mountains!

    • Cool! I can see Tumbledown quickly becoming a favorite for just about anyone who goes there 🙂 Have a great time on Little Jackson, too. Hopefully you have many more trips there.

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