2 comments on “A Busy Year

  1. Hey Ryan-

    Not sure if you remember me, but my mom and your mom are friends. I still have great memories of sailing on your parents boat in Penobscot Bay. I’m sitting in Portland right now and my mom just showed me your app. Good stuff! If you’re ever hiking the App in NC shoot me a email. We live in Charlotte now and im always need of an excuse to hit the mtns.

    Safe travels,


    • Hey Brett. It’s been a while, but of course I remember. Our folks hang out a lot, so I see your mom & dad from time to time still (and my mom says ‘hi’, by the way). Also, since I’ve been living in Portland, I’m getting up to Shawnee Peak from time to time (more hiking than skiing). I’ll drop you a line for sure if I’m down in your neck of the woods. One of my best hiking buddies lives in Charlotte, too, so I should try to make it there more often anyway.

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