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  1. Happy birthday, Sorry I can’t make your event, but I will be “camping out” with buddies. Great post. How about March coming tomorrow!

  2. Guthook,

    Happy birthday!

    I wanted you to know how much you’ve helped me on and off the trail. I used your apps to guide me, alone, for the first time last year on a 230 mile section of the PCT in Oregon and a bit of Washington. I’ve got two more sections in Washington to finish the trail by 2015. \

    I was sitting here yesterday planning this Augusts 288 mile section with your App. It occurred to me that for the first time it was simplified. In the past ten years on the trail I’ve juggled the Handbooks, maps, Topos and Halfmile. It’s always overwhelming (with my limited math and detail skills) to get an overview of the upcoming section. Fortunately until last years section I’ve had retired engineers as hiking partners.

    I sat here with the Handbook in one hand and your Washington App in the other. For the first time I easily could see the trail ahead and be prepared for it.

    Last August I was comforted on the trail when I saw I was on course on my cellphone ( a miracle in itself ) watching your App. It’s worth it’s wait in gold and your efforts are deeply appreciated. Keep up the good work and I hope you have 700 more nights in the Wilderness.

    Dana Law
    Amazing Dana the Magician
    San Diego
    I’m 45 minutes from the Campo trailhead. should your “extreme” spring and summer hikes bring you to San Diego you have a ride, a meal and a hostel here.

    • Dana, thanks for the kind words! I actually really enjoy the juggling of many guidebooks, but I am glad that I’ve helped your planning process– I guess that’s the whole purpose behind them, and the payoff is mostly in helping other hikers along the trail. I won’t be out west this year, but I definitely appreciate the offer for a ride and stay. I hope to get back to the PCT one of these years. In the meantime, there are just too many new places to explore 🙂

      Happy trails!

  3. Ryan, as always, your posting is thought provoking. Although I don’t know you well, I sense that I know you well enough to determine that chances are good that boredom and complacency will never become issues for you. Please allow me to say some things about me (someone that I do know). As you might suspect, I’m a bit older than you, by more than a few years! Boredom and complacency have never become issues for me. A key factor is to have a wide range of interests (a trait which I think we share). This trait provides fodder for an endless resource of new discoveries which in turn greatly lessens any chance for boredom or complacency to settle in.

    Over the years, the only thing that has diminished somewhat for me is ‘fervor’. I no longer have the eagerness to revisit places that I’ve already visited, and to do things I’ve already done. However, that decreased ‘fervor’ is offset by an increase in a passion to explore new places, or to visit previously visited places via different routes. With the research involved in finding new places, and new ways of doing things, boredom and complacency don’t stand a chance of taking over!


    • Very much agreed, John! I still love re-visiting places, but in many cases the best part of re-visiting is having a totally new experience in them. I’ve always admired your ability to search out places to visit that are off trail and full of local history, and I like to think I’ll start doing more of that in the future (I have some ideas that have been percolating in my brain for a while). I think I’ll be able to keep myself entertained for many years to come at my current pace 🙂

      I was just telling some friends the story of running into you on the Mahoosuc Trail last summer, by the way. I still think that’s one of the most wonderful coincidental meetings I’ve had on the trail, and a good sign that the mountains are a good place to be! Happy trails!

  4. Happy birthday and welcome to the 30 club! I hit 30 this year as well and I swear I feel better at this age than when I was 20. Your post was very insightful and your trip report was for a sweet hike I never knew about! I am also glad to see you have a lot of hiking in your future!

    • Thanks, Grant! It’s always nice to find a new hike right next to a place you’ve been many times that gives a new perspective on it. As for getting older and feeling better, I mostly agree… having the flu for most of the last month doesn’t help, but I do feel like I’m better at a lot of things now than I was in my 20s, and maybe a tiny bit smarter. I guess we’re still not super old farts 😉 (of course, many of my hiking buddies are twice my age, so I guess they are doing things right, too!)

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