6 comments on “Solitude On Speckled Mountain

  1. Thanks for the great write up! I’m with you on the hiking solo issue but I’m itching to summit a 4K’er before spring hits us. Going alone ordinarily wouldn’t encumber me but for the risks you speak to on trails I haven’t climbed yet. Gotta be smart about it. Please continue writing up your trips, there’s been discussion by other bloggers on declining readership but I just aware of yours thru 1HappyHikers’ so there is some connectivity out here! Tx again.

    • Thanks, Jimmy. I’ll definitely continue to post here, just not quite as frequently as I used to a few years ago. And I agree– winter is a time to be cautious for sure. It’s nice when you can find a relatively low-risk winter hike that you can get out on solo, but those tend to be in the minority for wintertime. There are great upsides to both kinds of hiking!

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  3. I love silence in the woods. It’s one of the reasons I love to hike. And it’s definitely a rarity and something to pay attention to and relish.

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