4 comments on “iPhone App 2014 Video Demos

  1. Very nice job Ryan. Really like all the new features you’ve added. I’ll be using the MSGT app on my thru this spring then I’ll start on some NE sections of the AT. Can’t wait for the weather and trail conditions to improve so I can get out there. I have a severe case of cabin fever!

    • I have that same awful disease, Dan. I can’t wait for some serious hiking this summer! I’m also glad you like the new features. We’ve already been thinking of lots more that will be added after this season calms down, and they’re hopefully just going to keep getting better.

      I’m curious if you had purchased the MSGT app before the upgrades a few weeks ago, and if so, what you think of those upgrades. I was pretty excited about the changes I made there 🙂

      • Yes, I purchased it last winter but never used it because I couldn’t get out due to a back problem. The back is still, ehh, but going to try to hike anyway. Yes, the upgrade to the MSGT app is awesome. More informatlve and functional than the original version. I only wish it had the elevation profile feature like your AT and PCT app.

        • Awesome! I’m glad you like the upgrade. I’m planning to do a lot more with trail networks like Monadnock and such in the near future, because there are lots of things about trails like that that I love. The elevation profile is something I’m working on, too– Rather than just an elevation profile for one trail, I want to make something where you can choose your combination of trails and pieces of trails to build a profile. That’s something that may take a while, though…

          Good luck on your MSGT hike! It’s such a gorgeous trail.

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