6 comments on “Snowshoes in the Mahoosuc Range

  1. Good for you for trying this hike. A number of people have been seriously wiped out by that flu. I like the pic of the App / trail location and love the idea of an App for the Grafton Loop Trail. It is on my hiking schedule for this season. I have done it once, just after it was finally completed. I hope to complete 1,000 miles of trail in Maine this year.

    • Yeah, it probably wasn’t just the flu that did me in the other day. It was a heck of a hard hike. But the GLT is really one of the most wonderful trails in New England. I think you’ll hit that 1000 miles and pass right on by it 🙂

  2. Ryan, what an enjoyable report! My kind of adventure!
    Breaking through crusty, late-winter snow over an extended period of time is very demanding. My legs ached just reading your narrative! 🙂

    It looks like you and Nancy had a very pleasant outing, and I think you’d agree that it didn’t truly matter whether you reached Sunday River Whitecap. The camaraderie and being outdoors on a wonderful winter day was an ample reward!


    • John, I was hoping you’d comment here, because about halfway up the logging road Nancy said “we should have invited John Compton. This seems like it would be just his kind of thing.” I never think of these things until after the trip!

      But you’re right. The peak is absolutely secondary. The most exciting part about snowshoeing in Maine, I think, is you can get far, far away from the crowds if you try just a little bit.

  3. Thanks for the great summary! I liked your comment about what constitutes desirable and picturesque. When I saw the Equinox fast approaching and no one was interested in joining me for a “Winter 4K peak-bag” I changed my plans. I dumped my ego, called a buddy and roamed the local state forest and enjoyed the company , the water flowing, the bird songs and other signs of wildlife. It was WONDERFUL. Glad to see you’re getting your legs back underneath you. Happy Trails!

    • Yeah! The dumping of the ego is a good plan. We all need to do that more often 🙂

      I still haven’t been to Equinox, but it is definitely on my to-do list.

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