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    • Thanks Dean. Right now I’m building some helper apps for my phone to help me process the GPS data faster while I’m on the trail so that I can get it turned around quicker when I get home. No rest for the wicked here 🙂

  1. I like what you’ve done with the northern Virginia section of your AT apps. The pics and added information and features make it a more useful tool for hiking. Using it at home to belatedly write Trail Journal entries of our June hike, the app seems to be a big improvement over the version on my phone when we met in front of Big Meadows Lodge.

    By the way, the Tuscarora Trail information to Mathews Arm Campground is incorrect in your app and AWOL. We weren’t using GPS but judging from our usual hiking speed, 0.7 miles down the Tuscarora Trail from the turnoff signpost on the AT, there’s a signpost that says Mathews Arm Campground, then another identical signpost half a mile or so later. At the end of a long day for us, another 1.7 miles on the very steep rock-strewn Tuscarora Trail was no picnic. It’s worth a mention that you can more easily reach Mathews Arm via Skyline Drive from where the AT crosses near Rattlesnake Point Overlook. We yogied a ride and rehiked north from there leaving the campground the next morning.

    Thanks again for the updates. I have AT Hiker 1 to use this fall on a section north from Springer, trying to beat the crowds who may be out next year after the Walk in the Woods movie is released.

  2. This may be old news, but I’m a new user. Were you able to complete your update of these sections? Particularly Pennsylvania? Thx

    • Hey Robert, sorry about the late response. We don’t check this website for tech support questions. But the answer is that the data was completed two years ago. You’re good to go. Cheers!

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