3 comments on “Cuben Fiber: The Wonder Material

    • Phil, That was actually a big concern I had with designing the grommet that way, that rain could leak through between the grommet and hiking pole. I don’t see much issue with it leaking where the grommet pinches the cuben as it’s a very tight pinch and the rain would have to somehow be “pushed” up under the grommet ridge.
      Guthook did not mention that as an issue on his reports back to me, but I don’t know if he encountered much rain either.
      That said, the GG tarp uses the same general design which led me to believe it would not be a concern, and in the end, an easy fix would be to patch a layer of cuben over the grommet with enough slack so as not to tear when the pole is inserted. Added weight, but one could even use 0.3oz cuben since it’s not load bearing in any way.

      p.s. feel free to get in touch if you have any other questions!

  1. I used a similar solution on my tarp with some leakage as a result. I never found it to be a problem since the little water that gets through just follows the pole straight into the ground. Could possibly be a problem if the pole is placed on some kind on ‘floor’ material.

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