2 comments on “Gossamer Gear Airbeam Sleeper Review

  1. This season I converted from a Thermarest Women’s Prolite Plus to the Airbeam. I was quite concerned going from a very comfortable pad, with a high R value, and the only one I’d had to date that didn’t cause hip pain. I’m using the size Large Airbeam in conjunction with the 1/8″ Gossamer Gear Thinlight foam pad and was unexpectedly surprised by the comfort in terms of both warmth and body. I have not experienced any hip pain with this combo either. I use the Thinlight on top of the Airbeam in colder temperatures and under in warmer temperatures. Using the Thinlight as an underpad also helps with any sliding when on uneven ground and adds one additional layer of protection for the inflatable. Since I’m using the Thinlight as part of my Mariposa frame in place of the sitpad, I’m not carrying extra weight. By the way, the reason I selected the Airbeam over the Neoair was the NOISE factor (the $ value didn’t hurt either).

  2. The Airbeam doesn’t have “no R-value”, which is misleading. It’s just not insulated. It’s is rated at about a R-1 which is fine for summer.

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