8 comments on “Gossamer Gear LT4 Poles, Very Long Term Review

  1. Nice long term review, however I can’t agree with the customer service, getting my tips replaced took nine weeks from the time I shipped them to the time I received them back. During this time I called three times, each time I was told the shop was a little backed up.

  2. GG is a great company for sure, but no trekking pole discussion is complete without at least mentioning Pacer Poles, a real game-changer. There, I’ve mentioned them. Check ’em out!

  3. I debate with “pro-strap” people all the time and their arguments don’t hold much water. I hike like a mogul skier with gentle tapping most of the time until an unbalanced moment that requires more. with carbon poles (i have “heavy” BD alpine carbon) a gentle wrist flick is all that is needed for swinging. being able to quickly hold both poles, toss them down a drop off, let them go if they get stuck between rocks etc are all added benefits.

  4. Even less gimmicky are the LT3 poles. No twist lock because they don’t adjust. Why bother adjusting them? The only reason I adjust them is to use them for my tent, so I bought mine at a length to fit my tent and the length works fine for me. Total simplicity.

  5. Last summer I broke a pole near the top of the lower section, probably got it stuck between down trees I was traversing.

    Something I don’t think I could have done with any pole I’ve used previously, I could just insert the lower section higher into the top section and lock it and have a functioning (though shorter) pole. Nice!

    • To clarify, I pushed the broken section of the bottom pole up into the upper pole, something that wouldn’t work with a broken aluminum pole.

  6. My LT4’s were great on the JMT and a pair of original LT3’s are going to be used for the HST this summer. The common concern is they must not be strong enough since they are so light. My reply was “so you bought the heaviest poles you could find,” they usually admit they had shopped for a “light” pole. IMHO… before crossing a “raging creek” I would suggest unfastening sternum strap & probably waist belt.

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