One comment on “NOLS In the Heavy

  1. I met a NOLS kool-aid drinker on the Long Trail at Montclair shelter. His hiking partner had a cut and he pulled out a tri fold 3lb looking FAK. Hearing that I was an athletic trainer he asked me what my FAK looked like… i pulled out a 3oz baggie of my necessities and chuckled. I dunno what was all packed in there but FAK shouldn’t weight more than the tent!

    He also had started SOBO with a group of 3, one had to pull out due to injury. Problem was their food was packed in bulk for 3 so they had a ton of extra food.. including a snack size ziploc full of salt 😛 They were using the pot sized Jetboil. They were definitely not going to be hungry. I find it very beneficial in a group to be food-independent. Even if you share a stove and get separated you could borrow a stove and boil some water. Or in the very least have non-cook snacks to get by. (his one pot glop looked about the same as my freezer bag glop)

    You just need to slip seeds of UL into everyone’s mind and do what you can 🙂

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