5 comments on “Amazon Kindle: Simple, Effective Trail Technology

  1. Now imagine a world with a 5″ paperwhite Kindle with the GutHook Kindle AT Guide “book” that allows your current page to be the “cover page” while it is turned off. Power is only used to flip a page, small enough to use in a pocket, large enough to actually read from. Aside from the safety and social aspect of a phone, would “own it”. Now, make a smart phone with ePaper technology and that would be even more interesting. Not viable in the market, just interesting.

    • Hmm… that’s a really good idea. Beyond my current expertise, though 😉

      Actually, a few years ago there was a kickstarter campaign to build a GPS unit that ran Android operating system, and used a paperwhite screen, which sounded promising. I don’t know how paperwhite screen would work with constantly updating screens used by apps, but it’s an interesting thought.

  2. Leave the Duct Tape behind on your Kindle case – just wrap in some bubble wrap – saves a few ounces, is waterproof, dustproof, and has lots of cushion!

    • Heh. Yes, the duct tape was just to hold together the first piece of trash I found in the bin that could be used as a case. Not elegant or well-thought-out but it gets the job done!

  3. That dream for a 2-sided Android smartphone with LED display on one screen and e-paper on the other exists!! It’s YotaPhone 2 by Yota Devices. Same E-paper manufacturer as Kindle, Gorilla Glass, latest processor, etc. and it last for days if you stay off the LED screen. yotaphone.com. Russian producer but state of the art. Only downside is limited G3-only in USA, LTE everywhere else. Will change soon. Open SCM. Sounds like I am from the company but I am not although I have worked with them. And, at end of day, I still prefer latest simple Kindle for trekking. Check out YotaPhone.

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