2 comments on “Winter Solo on Tumbledown, 3/5/15

  1. I once did a winter night on Tumbledown and remember it as one of the coldest, windiest places I’ve stayed. It was in late December , so it became dark really early, and was a really long night. Right now, I am looking forward to spending a couple nights at a heated cabin somewhere in Midcoast Maine for the upcoming weekend.

  2. Got a double awesome going on here . . . i.e. most awesome report I’ve read about Tumbledown, which is by far the most awesome spot I’ve ever visited.

    Your photos are astonishing, especially the sunset shot. And lastly, I too will give a “thumbs up” to Jerry at the Weld General Store. He expertly provided me with a workaround to a road closure on the main access route to the Tumbledown trailheads when doing this hike in September 2013.

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