10 comments on “A Bold Hike at Cutler Coast

  1. Wow, that is so gorgeous I can hardly stand it. And likely to stay fairly uncrowded given its distance from all the major urban areas of New England. Lucky you to have gotten up there.

    • I’ve never been there during the normal hiking season, so I’m not sure if it never gets crowded, but I sure like to think it doesn’t. I’ll have to try again later to see 🙂

      • I ran a marathon in that neck of the woods two years ago (Bay of Fundy International Marathon) and even with all the runners in town the area was sparsely populated. It was so lovely.

      • We hiked it in the fall, mid week, and had all three campgrounds to ourselves. It was spectacular!

  2. Beautiful there isnt it! I lived not far from that area for many years before economic realities of Washington County forced me to leave. This may well be the eastern most backcountry site that is maintained but locals from Cutler to Calais know about hundreds of miles of un-marked trails that dot the coast and run through undeveloped forest land. Such a wonderful place, glad you were able to enjoy it.

    • Good point! I’m sure there are a lot of other wonderful things to see out there (and a quick look at Maine Trail Finder shows quite a bit). It’s a long haul from Portland to the Bold Coast, but well worth the drive. I can understand the feeling of having to leave, as well– I left the Penobscot Bay area for Portland, even though I much prefer the terrain further downeast. Oh well. There’s still time for things to evolve 🙂

  3. Guthook,

    I love your site and posts. I usually end up in Colorado most of the time, but this post motivated me to action. I’ll be driving out from Detroit at the end of the month to see your beautiful state. Looking forward to some heaven on earth!!

    • Whoah! That’s probably the first time I can take some credit in influencing someone to visit Maine just from my blog posts 🙂 Enjoy, and feel free to hit me up for suggestions on places to check out (and don’t forget to bring a rain jacket and some bug spray, just in case).

  4. We are headed there the end of May!!! Can’t wait! Question for you!!! Are there any water sources in/near the campground. We don’t want to have to lug a bunch of water there and have no problem filtering or boiling. I see there are a couple of brooks not far off, just want to be prepared and not come up short. Thank you in advance.

    • Enjoy! It’s a great place 🙂

      There was some water near the farthest campsite, and also near the end of the cut-off trail toward the ocean side. Not a lot, and very dark with tannin, but it got the job done. Of course, last spring wasn’t quite so dry as this one if I remember right, so you might want to bring in a little extra water, just in case.

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