4 comments on “Know a Trail Club: Arizona Trail Association

  1. Great post! Chris Townsend’s book “Crossing Arizona” is a great memoir about his trek on the AZT. I loved it and highly recommend it.

  2. I actually found the resupply situation pretty good. The trail passes through the towns of Patagonia, Oracle, Roosevelt Lake, Flagstaff, Tusayan, the South Rim and North rim villages and the “town” of Jacob Lake. Rachel and I only found it necessary to mail 3 boxes and hitch into Superior and Pine.

    Otherwise spot on!

    • Thanks for that info on resupply — sounds like a fairly simple resupply if you know what you’re doing. When I spoke to Matt Nelson he wanted to impress upon people that the AZT is not to be taken lightly and a cautionary note about resupply towns was part of that message — perhaps aimed at folks who have not done a thru-hike before.

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