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Paul (“Tangent”) here. After Guthook identified the steepest parts of the Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, and Continental Divide Trail, I started wondering about the overall slope, or grade, of these trails. Using south to north elevation data at the tenth-mile level, I evaluated percentage slope from point to point, then binned the data according to various cut-off values.

All data is south to north.

Here are the results:

Percentage of CDT, PCT, AT with various slope values

As you can see, the AT has a greater overall percentage of “non-flat” hiking than the other two Triple Crown trails: 59% of the AT has a grade of at least 5% uphill or %5 downhill. Compare that to 53% for the PCT and 46% for the CDT.

A further analysis of the extremes shows that the PCT is very well-graded, with only about 2% of the trail at greater than a 15% grade uphill or downhill. The AT, on the other hand, is composed of 11% of extreme slope. That’s over 200 miles of some very tough hiking!

Percentage of PCT, CDT, AT with 15%+ slope uphill

Percentage of PCT, CDT, AT with 15%+ slope downhill

And for you data geeks, here is a scatter plot of the slope distribution for the three trails (multiply the x-axis by 100 for percentage values):

Slope Distribution for the CDT, PCT, and AT